Christmas Song Meme

Yes, that's right, boys and girls! It's not even December yet and I'm starting this meme. Can you believe it? Well, I figure that I actually still like Christmas songs right now. Ask me two weeks from now, and I'll be totally sick of them.

This meme is pretty simple: List (at least) five of your favorite Christmas tunes and tag (at least) five of your favorite blog friends to keep the meme going. Simple, huh?

My Fave Christmas Songs (in no particular order):
Christmas Time Is Here from A Charlie Brown Christmas
Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) by U2
Santa Claus is Coming To Town by Bruce Springsteen
Run Rudolph Run by Brian Adams
The Chanukah Song by Adam Sandler (I know, not a Christmas song)
Christmas Eve (Sarajevo 12/24) by Trans-Siberian Orchestra
Please Come Home For Christmas by The Eagles
The Christmas Song by Nat King Cole
(I'd better stop here, or I'll be here all day...)

The lucky people I'm tagging:
Mimi from Mimi Writes (The Meme Queen)
Julie from Flip This Body (It is meme Tuesday, isn't it?)
Kim from Emergiblog (Are there any Notre Dame Christmas songs?)
Fat Doctor (Check out her blog Thursday for the Change of Shift blog carnival!)
Morgen from the Blog Eat Blog World (Gimme the BIG MO song list!)
Skittles from Skittles Place (Just a quickie list would be fine. HA!)
Ipanema from Under the Canopy (Great wreath on your site!)
Irene from Pregnant Pauses (She has the best gift on her site for you!)

If anyone feels left out, then consider yourself tagged as well. Give me your top five Christmas songs and tag five other people for me. (Just place a link back to this post so I know who's in!) This will be fun! Go for it! Gimme your favorite five songs!

What to do with a MeMe: Copy the idea of the MeMe into a new post on your blog. Fill in the answers. Tag people! (Thanks Skittles. I forgot to add this sentence in case people didn't know what a meme was or what tagging people meant)