Thanks to rdl for the heads up on this one. Did I miss a meeting somewhere? I guess it's National Blog Posting Month - Does Hallmark make a greeting card for this? I also read about this on the Frectis blog (thanks also for the info).

I don't even know if I can still "officially" get in this, but I liked the Yoda logo. So, the logo is in my sidebar, I sent an e-mail to fussy about my interest, and here we go! I've needed a little blog motivation, and maybe this is it. I know, hard to believe from the self-proclaimed blogaholic!

In other blogging news, I'd like to thank Technorati for finally updating my blog. I contacted them again and again, but got no response. According to my latest profile, I was just updated two hours ago - after not being updated for 93 days - how does that happen?

During my first week of blogging, I was ranked at 1,382,557. Now, I'm pleasantly surprised that I have a whopping 323 links. Before today's update, my links placed me around 120,000 on their blog rankings. Now, I'm in the top 30,000. Whoo-Hoo! High fives everywhere.

Riddle me this, Batman? How do I only have 27 links on the TLB site? Interesting.

Finally, I'd like to thank Kevin, MD for picking up my post yesterday and linking it to his site. I believe that he's got about 2500 visitors a day. What an audience! I'm jealous.