Ten million dollars

Did that get your attention? No, this is not the cost of my prescription drugs last month. And, this is considerably less than the $200 million powerball winning jackpot won by an Iowa couple. But, this is not about the money, it's about medical history!

What am I talking about? The X Prize Foundation, the people that brought you SpaceShipOne, is at it again. This time, the challenge is pretty simple. If you can map 100 different human genomes in 10 days, then $10 million is all yours. Here's a quote from

“It’s like geeks are taking over the world,” [Craig] Venter [founder of Celera Genomics] said in an interview. “Who thought a scientists could get $10 million for coming up with a breakthrough technology?”
So, who's with me on this? I've got a computer and an old microscope (although it may need a new lightbulb). Of course, I don't know 100 people. So, we'd have to recruit them. Maybe I can get the Nobel Prize guys to help me. This is ten million dollars and medical history! What you do think? Deal or no deal?