Blogcast update

I just did get home safely. Thanks for all the feedback and positive comments about the blogcast. Also thanks for letting me know about the download problems. If there are still problems, let me know that also.

I've been tinkering with this idea for the past few weeks. And, yesterday, I just decided to do it. I have to tell you, it takes a different type of preparation for a podcast verses a blog. I really didn't know what kind of format that I wanted to take. I literally just made things up on the fly to try to make some sense.

Maybe I'll try again in the next week or so. There still seems like there's something missing, but I haven't quite figured it out yet. Working with the technology is a story in itself. I had no idea about track volumes, master volumes, how close or far to sit from the microphone, or any of that stuff. It's fun, and challenging.

I initially thought that podcasting would be my thing. But, I now know that podcasting for me will only be intermittent. Blogging will remain front and center as my way of expression - because, hey, I'm addicted. Thanks again for all your support.