I know I said I was taking a blog break, but hey, I'm Dr. A and I'm a blogaholic. Plus, I just had to share this short story with you. So, I'm on call. And, you know what that means: busy, busy, busy, tired, etc.

Usually after finishing rounds at the hospital, I stop at the office to try to catch up on some paperwork there. It's windy and cool here today, so I wanted to get inside quickly. So, I turn the key of the door and slip in.

The next thing I usually do is put my code into the security system keypad. I missed by one number and accidentally hit enter. Then, I panicked. For what felt like hours, although it was only less than a minute, I frantically tried to correct my error.

The alarm went off inside the office. I'm the only one here, so I kept working to try to enter the right code. I hear the phone ringing. It's the alarm system company. I tried to explain the problem, and seemed to solve the situation.

Relaxed, I walk down to my office and try to find a chart. Suddenly, I hear sirens get closer to the office. We're located right next to the hospital, so I figured it was an ambulance coming to the emergency room.

When I saw the police car rushing into our parking lot, my feeling of embarrassment grew. I went outside and saw that it was an officer who has done security for our soccer games in the past.

"Doc," he said smiling, "Forgot your code again, huh?" "No," I replied, "I missed one number and all this happened." "On call again, are ya?" "Yup."

Thought you would get a kick out of this. I'm sure some of you out there in blogland have done something funny and embarrassing like this before. What's your story?