Primary Care Advocacy By Students


The Future of Family Medicine and Primary Care is Bright! This weekend, in the Boston area, was the Gregg Stracks Leadership Summit organized by Primary Care Progress. Pictured above is Dr. Andrew Morris-Singer who is the Founder of Primary Care Progress.

Few people are born leaders. In this two day conference, participants are taught advocacy leadership and organizing skills that will be applied back home in their communities. Yesterday, featured speaker Marshall Ganz shared an organizing model using the phrases, "Story of Self," "Story of Us," and "Story of Now." Claudia Fegan was also a featured speaker yesterday and a participant tweeted out from her talk, "It is our responsibility, as primary care providers, to fight for our patients."

A Primary Care advocacy campaign is to be announced at the conference today. Last year, Primary Care Progress conducted a very effective photo social media campaign called "Voices For Primary Care." I think social media will play a major role in the upcoming Primary Care advocacy campaign.

I hear all the time that students are too overwhelmed and too busy to think about anything else other than getting through the curriculum. What I saw this weekend are many talented young people who arrived with passion for Primary Care and a Passion for taking care of patients in their communities. These students will leave here with Leadership skills to pass on to their friends and colleagues at home. This advocacy momentum will continue to build to bring out change at the local level, state level, and eventual national level. 

My thanks to Primary Care Progress for the invitation attend this year's Leadership Summit. I invite you to check out my previous posts that had Tweets from Day One and Pics from Day One. Also check out today's events using the twitter hashtag #PCPSummit2013. More excitement to be announced soon by the organization...