2014: The Year Of The Family Physician

Thanks again to my guest Ronald L Fong, MD, MPH from the University of California Davis talking about his idea of "2014 will be the Year of The Family Physician" and why people like Time Magazine should recognize The Family Physician as the 2014 Person of the Year.

Did you know that on May 28 of this year, the city of Sacramento, California signed a resolution designating 2014 at the Year Of The Family Physician. In addition, to help with marketing the idea, they have a great twitter account and bumper stickers for people.

At the end of our interview, Dr. Ron acknowledges that this is a "pie in the sky" idea, but why not be an Advocate for Family Medicine with this idea in mind. He's hesitant to direct people what to do, but I think that this is a great opportunity to talk to our patients and to our communities about why Family Medicine and Primary Care are essential to fix our broken health care system. 

At the end of the episode, I shared a short segment from Show Number One of my podcast way back to August 30, 2007. Yes, this is the six year anniversary of the podcast. But, don't worry, I am not quitting or taking any more social media breaks for this anniversary. It was fun to edit together this first show to share with all of you. 

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