Dear Ariel Castro

About four hours ago, you took the cowardly step of taking your own life around 9:20pm ET. Over the course of ten years, you kidnapped and tortured Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus, and Michelle Knight in that Seymour Avenue neighborhood. Thanks to people like Charles Ramsey, your secret was revealed, and you were in the midst of a 1000 year sentence.  

In your last desperate move, you thought you were still in control by hanging yourself in your cell tonight. Everyone remembers that creepy speech you gave during your sentencing blaming everyone but yourself. Suffering the consequences of your crime does not stop with your suicide. Your final judgement is to come and justice will be served. Michelle is right when she said during your sentencing, "Now your hell is just beginning. I will overcome all that happened, but you're going to face hell for eternity."

History will quickly forget who you are and you will be a distant memory. The best end to this story will be following the lives of Amanda, Gina, and Michelle as they put time and distance away from these horrific events. As seen in the video above, we are already starting to see the beginning of their recovery. The best revenge will be seeing these young women help others avoid people like you, so tragedies like this will never happen again...