One Hurricane Irma Story

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As I write this, Hurricane Irma has not quite made landfall yet. However, the winds in Southern Florida and the Florida keys have already started to ramp up in speed and intensity. I wanted to try to get a sense of how it was going down there, so I reached out to a Family Physician friend of mine.

Dr. Ajoy Kumar practices Family Medicine in the Tampa, Florida area. And, as we recorded this interview at around 10:45am Eastern time on Saturday, September 9, 2017 - Hurricane Irma has not made landfall yet, and was forecast to arrive in the Tampa area in around 24-48 hours.

In our conversation, Dr. Kumar talked about the emotion that he is going through, and the sense of emotion going on both in the hospital and in the community. He also talked about how his experience working in developing countries have prepared him for this urgent situation. Finally, he speaks on how Family Medicine and Family Physicians are uniquely qualified to perform in these leadership positions.

There is an audio podcast above that you can both listen to and also download. For those who have access to iTunes podcasts, I encourage you to download the podcast from iTunes at this link. Finally, check out our youtube conversation both below and at this link. Stay safe, Dr. Kumar and all of our friends in Florida!