#SaveToledoFM - Show Your Support

There has been a lot of traditional media and social media support for the WW Knight Toledo Hospital Family Medicine Residency whose closure was announced less than 10 days ago.  For those on twitter, follow the hashtag #SaveToledoFM. And, you'll see from this blog, I've been writing a lot about the people affected in that area.

How can you show support? First, join and sign the petition on entitled, "Save W. W. Knight Family Practice Residency." In the first few days of the petition, they have garnered more than 1000 signatures. Join the cause and click on the image below.

Secondly, show your support on social media by taking a selfie with the #SaveToledoFM image created by the Ohio Academy of Family Physicians who placed the image on their facebook page. You can get the image by clicking on the image above or below. Show your support for #SaveToledoFM and post your selfie on twitter with the hashtag. Thanks for continuing to raise awareness for this important story!