Yes, You Can Create A Viral Video

There's hope for you, because the Most Viewed Facebook Live video ever is NOT by a brand or a company. It is by a mom from Texas who was very excited to show her facebook friends a Star Wars Chewbacca mask that she just purchased from Kohls. Her video was posted on May 19, 2016, and less than 2 days later, there were over 100 million views of this four minute video, breaking the record.

Kohls reported that the mask quickly sold out in many of their stories. And, to take advantage of the exposure of the brand, they rewarded Candace Payne and her family with more masks and gift cards for her.

Of course, the secret of having a viral video takes a lot of luck. But, in this video you can see some key elements like passion, excitement, and, a lot of laughter doesn't hurt. So, good luck in making your viral video. You have a high bar to reach :)