Family Doctor Week in Canada

Thanks to the Alberta College of Family Physicians (ACFP) for letting me know that November 9-14, 2015 is National Family Doctor Week in Canada. Shout out to my Canadian colleagues! Also check out more pics and videos from their site below. Use the twitter hashtag #FamilyDocsRock to amplify the message, and also check out FamilyDocsRock.Ca

From the ACFP website: "A Family Doctor-Patient relationship is often times one of the most trusted in health care. It is a relationship that both the Doctor and Patient have been nurturing since the patient's first visit - and often the patient's first encounter with the health care system."

About a month ago, ACFP sent me the t-shirt and hat above with this message: "This year, the ACFP is supporting our Family Doctor Week in Canada campaign by sending a thank you to key people who have been pivotal in advancing Family Medicine in Canada and abroad. Please accept this small token of appreciation for your work." Thanks so much ACFP, and you know I'd post about it, and take a selfie, right :)

What a great idea! I see my friend and colleague Dr. Jay Lee from #FMRevolution also received a shirt (see below). I wonder if any of my other Family Medicine social media peeps received a gift from ACFP?

Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, right? I'm thinking ahead to World Family Doctor Day, which is every year on May 19. Wouldn't it be cool if the worldwide community of Family Medicine was able to coordinate a message for that day using social media? I guy can dream, can't I? Who can I get to help? Hmmmm.....