Mental Illness Vs Gun Control Debate: Again

Last night, twitter sprang into action again announcing another shooting in Fort Hood, Texas. Yes, that Fort Hood. You know, the one where there was an active shooter five years ago where there were 13 dead and more than 30 injuries.

And, just in an instant, the 24 hour cable news cycle changed from obsessed about MH370 to this story. In addition, this morning there was a report of a shooting at Kent State University. Yes, that Kent State University where 44 years ago next month, leaving four students dead and nine others injured.

It is inevitable in the next 24 hours, if it hasn't happened already, that the partisans will take their place again on social media and start blaming the other. One side will say, "We really need more gun control this time!" The other side will say, "We really need more help for the mentally ill this time!"

I have written about guns, the mentally ill, and everything else dozens of times on this website. This post today is not to score political points. This post is again to vent my frustration about actually solving the problem. I blame both political parties and their surrogates who are high on rhetoric but low on solutions.

As everyone says during situations like this: What's it gonna take to try to solve the problem? The press are going to continually mention the list: Fort Hood, Fort Hood again, Virginia Tech, Sandy Hook, and on, and on, and on. What's it gonna take, really?