Lessons From Social Media Break

Probably the Number One question I have received when I resumed this website was this: What did you learn during your time away from social media? After I took my social media break four weeks ago, I took a trip to Alaska and I did a lot of thinking.

On my comeback podcast over the weekend, I shared some things that I learned. You can see the video above for what I talked about on the radio show. You can also download then entire audio podcast here or listen in the player below. So, here goes... 

What I Learned During My Social Media Hiatus

  • There IS an audience out there, but they're mostly silent - For a long time, I was wondering whether I was reaching people, because there has been a lack of blog comments, facebook comments, and twitter feedback. After I quit last month, I was pleasantly surprised by all the feedback I received from people, including e-mails, texts, etc. Many of these I have never heard from before. But, they were nice enough to reach out to say hello
  • We Need More 'Attaboys' - This is a lesson for real life in addition to social media life. After I announced my hiatus, I received all this praise from people. There were even multiple blog posts written about my announcement (I'll have more to say about those soon). But, it was only after I "ended" my social media life, that I heard about this. Being a physician, unfortunately, I see this in real life as well. Too many times, people have told me their regrets of not speaking more to their friend or family member when they were alive. I have made a commitment to myself to try to recognize people more frequently, and more importantly, expect no reciprocation. We need more praise in this world. Cheesy, but that's what I think  
  • About Social Media Discussions: Public Discussions are Dead; Private Discussions are Essential - This topic originated with my friend Meredith Gould talking about the lack of public discussions on social media these days, and I won't repeat that. But, for me, I have started to reach out to people I know for phone or skype conversations, because it is through these deeper discussions that I will learn more about my friends and myself
  • The Personal Brand Is Where It's At - When I changed from Doctor Anonymous to Family Medicine Rocks 2 years ago, I really thought that attaching myself to a cause would be of benefit. Don't get me wrong, it has. However, I rebranded myself to completely me (i.e.-DrMikeSevilla) because I believe that the person and personality will help you make more of an impact than hiding yourself behind a brand or a cause. Hope this makes sense

Now, I will definitely go deeper into these issues in the future, but this is the short answer to what I learned during my social media break. Again, check out the video above and make sure to download the entire audio podcast from last weekend here. Cheers!