Wrap-up FamMedRocks Ep306: Just Talking Podcast

Thanks again to Christopher Snider for being by guest on Family Medicine Rocks Podcast Episode 306 last week. He is the host of the Just Talking Podcast and in the video clip above, we talk about "podcast theory" - particularly how to start your podcast episode.

We also talked about how he shares his life online as a person living with diabetes. He as accounts on twitter, a blog, a podcast, a bunch of tumblr accounts, and probably lots more of social media accounts that I didn't mention here. One section of our conversation was the challenges of being spread out everywhere on social media. I'd also like to thank Chris for writing three blog posts here, here, and here, about our conversations.

One of the cool things that have happened in the past couple of weeks is a twitter hashtag started by Chris called #DayOfDiabetes. In the podcast, we talk about the origin of this and why he things this is important. Live tweeting is not a new idea on twitter. But, the cool part is that there have been other people in the Diabetes Online Community have picked this up and did a live tweeting day as well. Check out this link to see more #DayOfDiabetes.

You can listen to the show in the player above, or you can download the show here and listen anytime. I also encourage you to check me out on other social media platforms including twitter, facebook, youtube, and linked-in. Enjoy!