World Family Doctors' Day 2013

In 2010, in Cancun Mexico, the World Organization of Family Doctors (WONCA) declared World Family Doctor Day. The logo above was conceptualized by a couple of physicians in the Philippines. According to their website...

The first World Family Doctor Day was celebrated on 19 May 2010. It has been taken up with enthusiasm around the world and has given us a chance to celebrate what we do to provide recognition to family doctors, to highlight important issues and the work we perform in supporting health care for all people in our local communities, our nations and around the world.
We have much to celebrate as governments around the world have really begun to realise the value of our specialty. In some countries there is work to do, and celebrating World Family Doctor Day will open up many opportunities to highlight the important contributions of family doctors.
This day creates an atmosphere of global solidarity among family doctors and it will be a positive and visible contribution of WONCA’s leadership and contribution to family medicine. 

I admit that the only way I knew it was World Family Doctors' Day was checking my social media today. In my opinion, from an advocacy and public awareness point of view, the Family Medicine community lost another opportunity to share our story. Wouldn't it have been nice to coordinate a social media campaign among the Friends of Family Medicine (even internationally) to share why we (as Family Docs) believe that we give the world the best medical care. Oh well, maybe next year...