FamMedRocks 304 Wrap-up: Your Health Talk


My thanks to the hosts of the Your Health Talk podcast for being my guests on Family Medicine Rocks Episode 304 recorded today. If you didn't already know, the hosts of the podcast are Second Year Medical Students in the Kansas City area. (How do they have time to do a podcast in the midst of their studying?)

We had a great discussion about why they applied to medical school in the first place, what it's like being a medical student these days, what are board exams for med students, and their social media backgrounds before they started the podcast.

It was really fun listening to them talk about the origins of the podcast. For the 2nd half of the show, I turned the show over to them, and they asked me questions. Thanks to our pal Dr. Neu for calling in close to the end of the show!

You can listen to the entire audio podcast below, or download here. In the video above, I asked them what they would do if a patient tried to friend them on Facebook. You'll want to see the answer in the video above. Don't forget to subscribe to the podcast here, along with following me on twitter, facebook, youtube, and linked-in. Enjoy!