FamMedRocks Ep302: NCSC/ALF 2013


What a great day watching from thousands of miles away the Family Medicine Leadership meetings known as ALF/NCSC. I have written blog posts about this meeting in the past. To read a post from NCSC 2010, click here.

The day began with the Family Medicine Rocks Podcast Episode 302. Thanks to Dr. Gerry Tolbert, Dr. Kim Yu, and Dr. Troy Feisinger for being guests on the podcast talking about this year's meeting. You can listen to the show in the player above, or, you can download mp3 episode here.

In addition to the audio file, I also recorded a video segment from the podcast which you will see below talking with Gerry, in which he reported some breaking news. You'll have to listen to the audio podcast or watch the you tube video below. Well played Gerry.

And, then for the rest of the day, I was tracking the meeting on twitter and facebook. Missed the whole day? No worries, because our pals at AAFP did the hard work of accumulating the tweets of the day and placing them on the storify platform. You can see the tweets in the window below or click here. Another graphic below shows some twitter data from a sample of 50 tweets reaching over 100k twitter accounts. Not bad from a small meeting.

What will happen on day two? This is when some real fun begins with the presentation and debate of resolutions along with listening to speeches and voting for candidates. Continue to keep track of these twitter hashtags for your enjoyment: #aafpncsc, #aafpalf, #FMRevolution