Wrap-up FamMedRocks Episode 288

The first show of 2013 was Family Medicine Rocks Episode 288. Thanks to all of you who listened live and who have already downloaded the show. Here are the summary of the topics discussed:

  • Do you Self-Diagnose yourself on the internet? Many people do. I invite you to check out this link from our friends at the Pew Internet and American Life Project. The link has some great data including 80% of internet users look online for health information. I also invite you to check out the video above in which I give my opinion about people who self-diagnose themselves and/or people who use the internet for health information.
  • What is a Self-Tracker? These are individuals who track their own health and wellness, especially using technology like smartphone apps and wearable technology like the FitBit. Also included in this section of the show is an interview with Susannah Fox about self-tracking.
  • In the final section of the show, I read and give my opinion regarding an essay by Phil Baumann entitled, "Physician Social Media: Has Advice About It Become A Crock? Yes - A Dear Doctor Letter." 

You can listen to the full audio podcast below. You can also download the entire show here and listen at your convenience. I also invite you to follow me on twitter, "like" the facebook page for this site, check out other videos on my youtube page, and check out my linked-in page. Enjoy!