Family Medicine In 10 Minutes?

There's going to be what I call an "experimental" podcast episode tonight. It will be a round table discussion to try to answer this question: Can Family Medicine be distilled down to a 10 minute video? Why? Well, a small group of us (which I hope you'll be a part of), are going to be entering a healthcare video contest whose deadline is next month. We believe this is an opportunity to showcase Family Medicine using a social media angle.

My guests on tonight's live podcast will be Gerry Tolbert, April Foreman, and Tony Wood. This episode will be a type of brainstorming session - that will be real time, so that you can join in as well in the chat room. The Family Medicine community (particularly the #FMRevolution community) has always said that we need to get our message out there. Well, here you go.

Join the discussion on Thursday, August 23, 2012 LIVE at 6pm Eastern Time on BlogTalkRadio for Family Medicine Rocks Episode 272. Also check out the video promo above. I also encourage you to follow me on twitter, "Like" the facebook page, watch my youtube page, check out my linked in page. See you for the show!