Dr Reid Blackwelder Interview

Thanks to Reid Blackwelder, MD for being my guest on Family Medicine Rocks Episode 261. We started out by chatting about how be came to find Family Medicine as his calling. I invite you to listen to his story in his own words in the video above.

We had a great discussion about mentors and Family Medicine Mentors. We then talked about his essay from the AAFP Leaders Voices Blog called, "Students, Residents: Stand Up And Make A Difference For Family Medicine." This essay also gives a shout out to the AAFP Family Medicine Residents and Medical Students meeting which will take place this year on July 26-28, 2012 in Kansas City.

At around 45 minutes into the show, there was a technical problem where, for some reason, the connection cut out, and I had to stall while Dr. Blackwelder tried to call back into the show. It's been a while since I had a technical problem like that. This is why I love live internet radio. You know if a host is good when something random like this happens. I'll let you be the judge to see how I did.

We closed our chat with talking about Social Media and Family Medicine. Dr. Blackwelder has done a great job, just in the past year, about becoming engaged in social media and encouraging other Family Docs to become familiar with social media.

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