FamMedRocks Ep259 Wrap-up

Thanks to everyone who listened to the podcast last week, Family Medicine Rocks Episode 259 where I talked about the recent Connecting Healthcare and Social Media conference in New York City. I also talked about the recently released book by Family Physician Dr. Ted Epperly called "Fractured" talking about our broken health care system.

In the video above, I made an unprecedented announcement stating that there would be three members of the AAFP Board of Directors to be making appearances on the podcast in the next few weeks. First, on Thursday, May 31, 2012 (this Thursday), at Noon Eastern Time, Reid Blackwelder, MD, will be talking about his recent essay called, "Students, Residents: Stand Up And Make A Difference For Family Medicine" on Family Medicine Rocks Episode 261.

In June, the two other third year AAFP Board Members will be on the podcast talking about their respective essays in the AAFP Leader Voices Blog. Conrad Flick, MD will be discussing his essay, "Working With Others Key To Successfully Transforming Our Practices." Laura Knobel, MD will be discussing her essay, "The Joys - And Advantages - Of Solo Practice."

Those who follow AAFP politics are keenly aware that these three individuals are also running for AAFP President-Elect. However, the target audience for these podcasts is not the Delegates who will be attending the AAFP Congress of Delegates this fall. These three individuals are ambassadors of Family Medicine and the goal of these interviews are to showcase the specialty I love to the entire American public.

I said it in the video above, but again, I'd like to thank the AAFP and the Board of Directors for the opportunity to chat with these individuals using social media. I call on my friends in the #FMRevolution to help spread the word about these interviews. I want to continue to show the Academy and the Family Medicine community that social media is a viable and a valuable way to share the story of Family Medicine to AAFP members and to the general public. Hope you can join us on Thursday!

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