FamMedRocks Ep286: Dr Davis Liu

Thanks again to my guest on Family Medicine Rocks Episode 286 who was Dr. Davis Liu author of the book "The Thrifty Patient: Vital Insider Tips for Saving Money And Staying Healthy." We had a great conversation about the book which I think is a great read. It's only about 100 pages in paperback and really directed toward the patient/health consumer.

The titles of the chapters include "What To Do To Stay Healthy," "Prescriptions: Not Just For Sick People," and "Using Dr. Google: When To Seek Care And How To Get The Best Care." And, at the end of each chapter, there is something called "Take Home Points" which are the essential things to remember from that chapter.

In addition to the book, we talked about why we think Family Medicine is important and why it's important that Primary Care and Family Medicine need to be empowered to show the nation our value as physicians. You'll see in the video above, Dr. Liu's closing thoughts talking about Leadership.

In addition to this book, he is the author of "Stay Healthy, Live Longer, Spend Wisely." You'll see from his website that he has also written op-ed pieces and done a lot of media work when it comes to television and radio. We need more Primary Care and Family Physicians like Dr. Davis Liu getting out there in media.

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