What #FMRevolution Can Learn From SOPA



All over the internet today, including Wikipedia (shown above), you'll see an online protest. Not only protest, but to raise awareness over the legislation called SOPA and PIPA. The only two links working today on Wikipedia are SOPA and PIPA. I encourage you to read those and check them out. Google also has a good link today to read.

What can #FMRevolution learn? Well, for one thing, not to be (totally) disruptive of the normal course of daily business. One of the amusing tweets today went like this, "Wikipedia is blacked out. How the hell am I supposed to treat patients?"

The point is that if #FMRevolution can get a core group of passionate people together on the internet, say, to talk about the (again) impending Medicare SGR Physician payment cut that is due in 43 days, it just might have an impact.

The effort can be to raise awareness in a creative way to get the attention of our patients. Just a thought. But, I, like a lot of other people will be closely watching if and how today's internet effort to see how it impacts the SOPA and PIPA legislation... 

Update: At about 7pmET, tech website Ars Technica posted article "PIPA support collapses, with 13 new senators opposed." I'll try to post other updates here