PharmaPhorum Interview


Thanks to Rebecca Aris for the opportunity with They recently interviewed my new social media friend Meredith Gould. But, I was informed that I am the first interview in a new physician interview series for the site. I am honored by that distinction.

Kicking off our new physician series, family physician Mike Sevilla who acts as a social media ambassador to the Family Medicine Physician community shares his thoughts on how beneficial social media is to him and how other physicians can become engaged.

In case you are curious, here are some of the questions that I answered for the interview Physician Perspectives: Mike Sevilla:

  • You’ve been involved with social media from its infancy, what do you think can be done to encourage more physicians to engage in this way and what benefits does social media bring to you as a physician?
  • How do you see pharma engaging online with physicians? 
  • In your opinion how can pharma better engage with physicians? 
  • In what ways do you think physicians and the healthcare industry could work better together to improve patient care?

Thanks again to PharmaPhorum for the opportunity to be featured on their site. I welcome those of you who are visiting from their site. I invite you to check out the different aspects of my website and to give feedback. I also encourage you to check out my interviews with Medical Economics, Family Practice News, Primary Care Clinician, Pixels & Pills, the Ohio State Medical Association, and Health Camp Yale. If you would like to interview me for your website or publication, feel free to contact me through the Contact Link above. Thanks for stopping by the website!