#OhioAFP Meeting Day One

Today is the first day of the Ohio Academy of Family Physicians annual meeting in Columbus, Ohio. I invite you to check out our schedule of events here. Day one's education program is highlighted by the topic of the Patient Centered Medical Home. The afternoon is the business session where members take up resolutions and policy making. The day is closed out with the dinner awards session and instillation of the orgaization's new officers. (Check out the video post above)

It's no secret that I'm the social media guy - Duh. For those of you on twitter, I invite you to follow the hashtag #OhioAFP today and tomorrow for updates. My goal is to get some of the members here signed up and to give all of you out there education pearls from the sessions along with updates from the meeting. I'm also going to capture pictures, video clips, and audio interviews to be used later.

Last night, there was an "informal gathering" in the hotel lounge. It was great to catch up with people like @blackweldermd and with other long time friends. I also got to meet some people who have come in from out of state to attend the meeting. These are usually officers of other Famiy Medicine state chapter organizations who visit our state meeting. It's always interesting seeing what's happening in different parts of the country.

My day opens with a meeting with the Nominating Committee. My name has been put up as a potential member of the Board of Directors of the OhioAFP. I was on the Board as a student and then as a resident. Following these years, I steped away from the OhioAFP for a while to explore other projects and opportunities. But now, for me, I think it's time to get back involved with the state organization.

For the first time in a long time, I'm fired up and excited to take part in this #OhioAFP meeting. In addition to talking & teaching social media, my goal is bring my enthusiasm and passion for Family Medicine advocacy to these meetings and get other people fired up as well. Let's do this and have a little fun in the process!