ParadocsShow: Work/Life Balance


Thanks to the EMS social media gurus - Chris Montera & Jamie Davis - I'm part of a new podcast project with ER physician Dr. Jeff Myers called "Paradocs." This idea was born in Baltimore at the EMS today conference back in March 2011, when Jeff and I were guests on a podcast at that time. It was joked that we should do a podcast, and we're trying that out now.

Episode 1 was audio only and you can download here. Since then, we have done a total of four episodes (so far). It's really still in the "beta" stage, but we're learning our way. The video above is the fourth episode of the series, and we're trying a video version of the podcast as well. The topic of this episode is about the challenges of work/life balance - with special emphasis to med student and resident life - and also social media life and real life balance. At some point, the episodes will all be downloadable. But, for now, this episode I just threw up on you tube.

I'm really hoping to target this podcast toward medical students and residents out there who may be interested in topics from two guys who are past residency and can maybe give some perspective to those at the medical training part of education. We welcome any feedback that you may have - especially since we're still shaping the show at this point. Enjoy!