Live From Atlantic City

I invite you to join me this weekend at the New Jersey Academy of Famliy Physicians Summer Celebration and annual meeting which will be taking place in Atlantic City beginning today. The twitter hashtag of #NJAFP11 will be used during the meeting. You can also follow their twitter stream @NJAFPMeetings.

In addition to usual social media platforms, this meeting is unique in that for the past 2 years, they have taken the extra step of broadcasting parts of the meeting - live on the internet via ustream. Check out NJFamilyDoc.Org for all the information about the meeting, including the broadcast of live sessions.

Finally, I invite you to check out my presentation on Social Media and Family Medicine which will take place live on the internet on Saturday, June 18, 2011 at around 11am Eastern Daylight Time. I'll be co-presenting with Ray Saputelli who is the Executive Vice President of the New Jersey Academy of Family Physicians.

Saturday's presentation about Social Media and Family Medicine will be similar to the one that was done in New Orleans at the Society of Teachers of Family Medicine meeting last month. Also check out my video post promo above. See you Live From Atlantic City!