Blogiversary on FamMedRocks Podcast 12

Hope you can join me for the latest installment of the Family Medicine Rocks podcast which will be in Tuesday, June 14, 2011 at 9pm Eastern Time on BlogTalkRadio. June celebrates two important things. First this the birthday of being a blogger the "Doctor Anonymous" blog was born five years ago this month. Secondly, this month is the birthday of me - YAY!

As outlined in the video above, one of the main topics will be the idea of "Social Media success." How do you define this for yourself? How do you define this for other people? I get this question A LOT, and it's pretty difficult for me to answer. But, I'll try to do that in the course of the show.

I'll also be talking about the passing of a friend of family medicine last week. I had a little blog rant on it yesterday. Depending on what happens before the show starts, I may continue with the rant. Finally, I'll be lecturing in Atlantic City this coming weekend at the New Jersey Academy of Family Physicians annual meeting. The topic? Of course, family medicine and social media.

So, I hope you can join me for the recording of the live podcast. Even if you cannot, you can always download the archived podcast later and listen at your leisure. Hope to see you for the show!