#FamMedRocks 5 Wrap-up: Shrink Rap Book

Thanks again to the authors of the book Shrink Rap: Three Psychiatrists Explain Their Work - Dinah Miller, MD; Ann Hanson, MD; and Steven Roy Daviss, MD. They were great guests on Family Medicine Rocks podcast number 5. We had a great conversation about the origins of the book, the process of editing/finalizing the book, and how they didn't kill each other during this process - Hehe.

The setup for the book is interesting that they wrote fictional characters to explain how psychiatric patients are taken care of. For example, since Steve takes care of hospital based patients, his section talked about that. Ann is a forensic psychiatrist and she tacked questions like "What's it like in a prison setting?" And, Dinah is in private practice and she talked about issues like "What it's like inside the walls of a psychiatrist office during an appointment."

Something that is great during shows like this is that fans of their blog and their podcast are able to call in as well. Thanks to Sarebear and to Emily, who care long time fans of the Shrink Rap blog, for calling into the show and chatting it up. The book is going to be released in June and they already have an amazon pre-order site. I also encourage you to become a friend of their facebook page. You can listen to the show below (apologize in advance for the pre-roll ad), or go to the iTunes page for the show and download it there. Finally, check out the video summary above. Have a great weekend everybody!

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