EMS Today 2011


Earlier this month, I got to attend my first EMS Today conference in Baltimore. I heard of this meeting last year from my friends in the EMS social media community, and actually thought about attending. But, this year, all the pieces came together for me to stop by the meeting. I was only there for about 24 hours, but I learned so much and I met a lot of great people.

Above, you see a picture of me on one of the many live video podcasts that took place during the meeting by the ProMed Network (of which the Family Medicine Rocks podcast is proudly a part of). You'll also see that I was still "Doctor Anonymous" at that point. It was just following this meeting when I decided that re-branding as me would be the next step in my social media evolution.

Of course, I want you to watch the entire thing, including Part 1 of the podcast. However, I did want to highlight my portion at around the 38 minute mark. The podcast host, Chris Montera, mentioned my cover on Medical Economics a few months ago. Then, we had a great conversation of physicians and social media - which readers/listeners of my material wouldn't find surprising. However, it was really fun educating the EMS social media community of some of the issues that I talk about all the time.

Thanks so much to Jamie Davis for the invite to be on the live show. There were so many great people and great conversations that happened there. Honestly, I'm still trying to process it all. The next mega conference in the EMS community will take place in Las Vegas in a few months. Hopefully, I'll get some time off to attend that one, too...