HealthCamp CT @ Yale 2011

So, I'm sitting on twitter, as I often do, and I get this @reply about going to a meeting at the Yale University School of Nursing. Now, of course, I think that this is a joke. I mean, who would ever want to invite me to Yale for anything serious? And, by the way, what is "HealthCamp" all about. I checked out the site for HealthCampCT - it uses the hashtag #HCCT on twitter - and it really looked intriguing to me. Thanks so much to Mark Scrimshire for the invite. 

HealthCamp Radio is an internet radio show hosted by Gregg Masters. Their latest episode was last night. They talked about the recent HealthCamp San Diego and the upcoming HealthCampCT. Also joining into the call were Mark, Matthew Browning (fresh off his win of the shorty award), and Alex Fair from FairCareMD.

I thought about calling into their show last night, but I did feel a little intimidated. I mean, these are the HealthCamp superstars, and I'm the newbie. Matt & Mark gave me a shout out at minute 15. And after that, I knew that I had to call in. I come into the call at around minute 25. But, it's not until the end of the show, like minute 44 when I really start going. I do my thing talking about physicians and social media and pretty much take over the last 15 minutes of the show. Kind of feel bad about that.

But anyway, if you have never been to a HealthCamp before, or not entirely sure what an "unconference" is - a great example of this concept is this show. You can listen in the player below (apologize for the ad when you hit "play" below) to the discussion and the banter among the people on this show. And, we're all focused on the same thing - trying to come up with innovate ways to better deliver health care in this country.

I heard that they'll be video streaming portions of it. You betcha, I'm gonna try to be in front of some camera somewhere trying to talk to all of you out there in real time. By the way, if I get the opportunity to talk about stuff in - like - a session - I'd like to as you - my friends - What should I talk about?

by Mike Sevilla, MD