#OhioAFP Conference


After last night's bummer loss of Ohio State in March Madness, I have the distinct honor today of presenting at a Ohio Academy of Family Physicians meeting called the Ohio Family Medicine Symposium on Research and Education. Of course, I'll be presenting on Social Media and Family Medicine.

For those attending the conference (and for you out there on the net), I'm going to be tweeting out using #OhioAFP. I realize that I'll probably be the only one tweeting out today. I'm really excited about this presentation today. And, I admit that I'm letting the competitive streak out in that I'm really gunning for the best presentation award for the mtg. Plus, I'm gonna try to do A LOT of social media stuff at this mtg.

This is also interesting in that this is the first of four presentations in the next seven days - including a talk at Yale University at Health Camp Connecticut and at the Ohio State Medical Association annual meeting. The topic? Of course, social media and how much I LOVE it!

Conferences are always fun in that I get to catch up with people whom I haven't seen in a long while. I'm also looking forward to catching up with @EndoGoddess this weekend. In my opinion, Dr. Jen Dyer is the most wired doc in Columbus - so cool. Have a great weekend everybody!