2012 Goals For #FMRevolution

The video above is a segment from last night's Family Medicine Rocks podcast episode 27 where Dr. Gerry Tolbert and I discuss Family Medicine and social media - especially going into 2012. Gerry is the host of the new podcast called Here's To Your Health where he dispels common myths in medicine. Some of his podcast titles include "Flu Shot Shenanigans," "Cold Myths Busted," and "Vaccine Veracity."

In addition to his podcast, we also discussed what we think needs to happen for #FMRevolution to succeed in 2012 when it comes to social media. We agree that Family Medicine needs to take a leadership role in being a champion for physician social media. Are you a member of #FMRevolution? What do you think needs to happen in 2012 for Family Medicine and social media? I also invlte you to download the entire podcast here and to listen to our entire conversation from last night.

Download FamMedRocks Ep 27