Continuing Education

Yes, I'm still here in Kansas City. Why? Well, I'm here to educate myself. This is part of the continuing process to maintain board certification. In addition to taking a board exam every certain number of years, there are certain educational modules that have to be taken in a disease area - like diabetes, high blood pressure, etc.

Meetings like this are interesting as well, because they kind of have their own community. At the beginning of every meeting like this, the presenter asks the audience how many times people have re-certified in Family Medicine - meaning how many times have you taken the board exam through the years.

And, mind you, our board certification is good for seven years. There are always one or two people in the audience who say, "Yup, this will be the sixth (or seventh) time I'm taking the boards." You can do the math on that one, and those people enjoy their moment of fame at the beginning of the meeting....

Plus, since doctors are so busy trying to see patients these days, there are some people who make an educational meeting like this - they make it a kind of reunion. "Hey, whatcha been doing since I saw you last year? Oh yeah, got a another grandchild do ya?" So, in many aspects, the advocacy meeting I was at last week and the educational meeting I've been at this week- there are some similarities. Or, just some quirky observations on my part.

For me, yesterday and today has helped me re-focus on some clinical topics. There are always some quick and practical tips that I pick up from the lecturer- and from the participants - when it comes to taking care of patients. And, also some tips about my business, and about life. Social media is great, but there is something about meeting and talking with people in person that makes it very special. I finally outta here later today. It'll be nice to be home....