Going to HIMSS 2010

I'm taking more of an active interest in the electonic medical/health record - especially with the transition that we're going through in our office and at the hospital. In doing some reading and research, a lot of people out there have pointed to a group called HIMSS - which stands for Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society. They have a pretty good website over there that I have been reading a lot.

I took a bold step by actually taking the time to go to their annual meeting next month - which will be in Atlanta. Since I have registered for the conference, I've been getting e-mail messages about the many events that will be taking place out there. (For example, here is one about their Social Media Center) I will only be able to stay for a couple of days or so, but I'm pretty excited about it.

My goals will be to try to connect with other docs about the issues that our office and our community hospital are going through when it comes to electronic medical/health record. And, maybe, I'll be able to meet up with some med social media folks when I'm out there, if for anything else, to say hello! Have a great weekend everybody!