Blogger "Blog of Note" for Feb 11, 2010

Just in the past hour or so, I just happened to be checking my stats, and I noticed a SIGNIFICANT jump up in visits. When I explored further, I found out that Blogger selected the "Doctor Anonymous" blog as their Blog of the Day or what they call "Blog of Note" (see image above).

According to the "Blog of Note" page, they want to recognize "Interesting and noteworthy Blogger-powered blogs, compiled by the Blogger Team." I have no idea what the selection criteria is. But, I want to very much thank Blogger not only for being today's "Blog of Note" but also for the opportunity to host my blog on this platform.

Welcome to those of you who are new to the blog. If you are wondering, yes, I am a "real" physician. I am a Family Medicine Physician in NE Ohio and I have had this blog since 2006. I enjoy blogging about medical topics, but I enjoy writing about just about anything. As you can see from my sidebar, I'm involved in a lot of aspects of social media including podcasting and video. I hope you will take the opportunity to take a read of some of my other posts.

I have had over 1000 posts and early on some of the most commented posts included ones about leaving the office against medical advice, do you prefer your doctor wearing a lab coat or no lab coat, do you prefer your doctor (presuming male) wearing a tie or no tie, and participating in sharing the best medical posts of the week in a blog carnival called "Grand Rounds."

I have also written posts about some medical controversies including what was called "The Ashley Treatment," the possibility of a uterus transplant (particularly for those desiring children), and asking the question "Is depression really depression?"

This blog has received recognition from entities like the online publication of The American College of Physicians, the online site of The Cleveland Plain Dealer newspaper, the online site of The Seattle Post-Intelligencer,, the medical website Better Health, and even iTunes. Thanks for checking out my blog!