The Wax In The Ear

"Hey doc," the patients says, "I think I got wax in my ear." I reply, "Well, that makes it hard to hear me, then, huh?" "WHAT?" - the patient yells. Oh yeah, I say to myself. "I've been having this ever since I was a kid. Every few months, I need my ears cleaned out." So, I look in there, and it's the most amount of wax I've seen in a long time.

"Sir, do you use q-tips to clean our your ears?" I ask the patient. "Well, yeah, I think I've been doing a good job at keeping things clean, don't you think?" "Well, I wouldn't recommend that because it looks like you've been pushing the wax further in there." "WHAT?"

So, we're able to get some of the wax out of there only to find a lot of redness and irritation in the ear canal. "Doc, I still can't hear. Are you sure that you got all the wax out of there?" "Well, sir, there is no more wax in there now. It looks like there is an infection underneath, and that's what causing the problem now." "WHAT?"

Without trying to scream too loud, I said, "Try out this medicine. It's an antibiotic. I think that will clear things up for you. See me in a week." The patient noded. He returned in a week. When he came back, I walked in the room and said, "Hi Sir!" "Doc, why are you talking so loud?" I smiled. This is why I love taking care of patients....