Getting to #fmecnet meeting 2010

Since I'm passionate about creating content, I recorded some video, edited it when I arrived at the hotel, and uploaded it for all of you to enjoy (hehe). It was a really nice drive to Hershey, PA getting ready for the 2010 Family Medicine Education Consortium NE Region meeting. As you'll see in the video above, the fall leaves gave a great backdrop to today's drive. I'm really looking forward to this year's meeting, my panel presentation this weekend, networking with Family Docs, and letting them know about social media.

The twitter hashtag for the meeting is #fmecnet. And, even if I am the only one tweeting at the meeting, my goal is to teach these family docs the benefits of social media and how much fun it is! Hopefully my friends out there on twitter will help me show the power of twitter in that even though you're not here on site, you interact with me and know what's going on at this year's FMEC meeting. Keep track of the blog and of my twitter feed for updates...