Show 114 Preview: Columbus Groove

We have a great show planned for you this week on The Doctor Anonymous Show. Author Brandice Schnabel will be joining us to talk about her new book called "Columbus Groove." I first met Brandice while working on Podcamp Ohio 2008 planning. and she's been on the show in the past. In addition to her blog/website, this is how the author describes herself:
Brandice Schnabel, MSW, LSW is a clinical social worker living in Ohio with her husband. She earned a BA in Sociology from Mount Union College, where her poetry was published in the college literary magazine, The Calliope. She earned her Master’s in Social Work from the University of Akron and currently works on an inpatient psychiatric unit when she’s not scratching her latest creative itch.
I didn't even know she was putting a book together. It seems as if on August 22nd, 2009, she revealed this project on her blog in a post called "Super No-Longer-Secret Project." On the Columbus Groove website, this is how the author describes her book.
Columbus Groove is a collection of poems that reflect the journey many of us take to find what we need in another person. Whether we’re out in a sea storm, crashing into rocks and lovers, or blindly searching the coastline for a place to build a safe colony, free of pirates and far from heartbreakers, we are all explorers at some point, searching for love and discovering our groove along the way.
So, I hope that you can join us for Show 114 on Thursday, September 3rd, 2009 at 9:30pm Eastern Time (note the time change for the show) on BlogTalkRadio. If you are new to the show, there is a live, interactive chatroom. a webcam with me (when the cam is working), and the opportunity to call into the show to talk to the author. Hope to see you for the show!