Show 110 Wrap-up

Thanks to everyone who checked out Show 110 even though it was one hour later than usual. I had a hospital meeting that night and just got home before going on the air. And, in listening to the show again, I think that it showed in that I didn't think that my part of the show was that great. At the meeting before the show, we talked a lot about the current health care reform debate that is currently going on. I think I was still processing that discussion when I went on the air.

I do want to thank my friend Ben who called into the show close to the end of the broadcast - just to chat. I really appreciate it. I think that I have found out something. It really takes me about 20-30 minutes to really get into the show before I get going. And, I think that showed in this show. But, oh well, we'll do better next time.

Speaking of which, I hope that you're able to join me for Show 112 which will be tonight at 9pm Eastern Time on BlogTalkRadio (I know it's short notice getting this blog post out). I do have some fun news stories to talk about tonight - and actually some sound bites from news stories (time permitting). This show is of course getting you ready for the "Annie and Burl Live" show which takes place at 10pm ET tonight. Hope to see you for the show!