Show 98 & 99 Wrap-up

I've been a bad show host in that I have forgotten to put up the links for the two previous shows. As you remember, on Show 98, we talked about the huge medblogger meetup which will be taking place before BlogWorld and New Media Expo this fall. The Medblogger meet up will be Thursday, October 15th, 2009 in Las Vegas. You can listen to show 98 on the player below or download here.

For Show 99, I want to thank BlogTalkRadio for featuring the show at near the top of the page (see graphic above). I was very pleasantly surprised with this. As you know, Show 99 was "The Night Shift with Dr. A and Kat." At the beginning of the show, we talked about how I saw a movie and went to a winery before the show - that's what made the show so entertaining.

You can listen to Show 99 above in the player or download the show here. The 2nd part of the Show 99, we talked about some news stories including the kid and mom who were on the run from court ordered chemotherapy.