Patients Get Stripper Therapy

Yes, you read that right. That is the title of an article posted on a South African news site. And, the story is actually from London. Curious, but I did not see this story anywhere in BBC News. Oh well. Anyway...

The nursing staff of patients with the neurological disorder called Huntington's Disease treated four British men to lap dances at Divas Gentlemen's Club in Newquay, Cornwall, in south-west England. Quoting from the article, "Their hosts included an entertainer with pink hair and a former topless model."

"The girls were very nice - we all had a lap dance individually. I'd like to go again," one of the patients, Stephen Pitt, 54, was quoted as saying. The report also mentioned an earlier case in which a 90-year-old woman at another care home in Cornwall was served fish and chips by a waiter in a thong.
Now, I'll never, ever say this again. But, if this is what socialized medicine looks like? Well, sign me up and bring in the ladies!