Heat Stroke

Hey there kids! Hope your weekend is going well. One of the headlines this weekend is this early heat wave, at least in the eastern United States. I have golf outing this afternoon. (Keep an eye on my Twitter to see how I'm doing today) And, around here, the high temperature will be in the mid 90s - with the humidity raising the temp even more.

Usually with the heat articles, you usually see health articles about dehydration and heat stroke. But, surprisingly, I did not see that this weekend. So, I will take on the task of reviewing this stuff. (Plus, I wanted to review this myself, because I know there will be a bunch of guys out there in my golf outing today who will not hydrate enough)

Here is a great article from WebMD which initially describes Heat Stroke:

Heat stroke is a form of hyperthermia (abnormally elevated body temperature) with accompanying physical and neurological symptoms. Unlike heat cramps and heat exhaustion, two less-severe forms of hyperthermia, heat stroke is a true medical emergency that can be fatal if not properly and promptly treated.
If you get a chance, be sure to check out the article above. Be careful out there today! Make sure that you keep well hydrated. And, if you recognize the signs of dehydration and/or heat stroke, definitely do not ignore them. You could save someone's life. Have a safe one out there today!