Epocrates & iPhone

Last week, Apple finally announced the iPhone software development kit. Many, including me, have been waiting for applications to place on my iPhone so I can finally get rid of my other PDA. While the demo for the gaming apps took most of the tech headlines, the medical community (especially those with iPhones) should take notice of an important application that was also "demoed" at last week's Apple event.

I have been using Epocrates ever since I was back in residency. And, I have been waiting for this application to be written on the iPhone. In the cnet video above, they show what one epocrates engineer could do in two weeks of programming. What was impressive to me was the use of the photo of pills, which I think will be helpful in my office setting. I cannot wait to see the full product when it is released. Hopefully, other medical software developers will follow suit and write more cool stuff for the iPhone.