Happy Valentine's Day

Welcome back to love week here on the blog. Yes, I know, Valentine's Day is not for a couple of days. But, why not try to start a little discussion on this topic. In my video post above, I talk a little bit about the "controversy" surrounding Valentine's Day. I think that asking people about Valentine's Day is more controversial than asking people about politics or religion.

Do you think I'm kidding? Well, ask someone about Valentine's Day and leave me a comment about your experience. I've encountered either really happy people or really bitter people. Let me know what you find out when you ask people.

Finally, direct from the category of over-promotion, I'm going again to tell everybody about the Valentine's Day Estrofest on The Doctor Anonymous Show - Thursday, February 14th at 9pm eastern time. It's going to be a great time. Get ready to be in the chat room and even call into the show. You don't need a date. Come as you are. See you then!