Welcome ACP Internist Readers!

Welcome to those of you who have clicked on over here after reading the article about me in the November/December 2008 ACP Internist entitled, "Podcast Engages Medical Bloggers In A Virtual Talk Show." Thanks so much to Jessica who contacted me and interviewed me for this piece. I'm a Family Doc here in NE Ohio and have really enjoyed integrating new media to my medical life.

If you like what you see, hear, and read, I encourage you to subscribe to my show, my blog, and my twitter account. This is the best way to get to know me. In addition to the internet radio show that is covered in the ACP article, I also utlilze the new media tool called Twitter which connects me with other people in new media medicine. (What is twitter? Click here and check it out)

Thanks again for stopping by. And, hey, don't be a stranger. The Doctor Anonymous community is a friendly one with great people including docs, nurses, other medical professionals, patients, and anyone else with an interest in medicine. In my opinion, we have best groups around in new media medicine social networking!