USA: We're Number Two!

As Americans, we always pride ourselves in being Number One. Well, this time, it's probably better not to be the best. According to the Associated Press, a study was published today stating that the Brits are the biggest fans of fast food in the world - with the USA coming in second place.
"The results show there's a world of people who cannot deny themselves that hamburger or extra piece of pizza, but probably make themselves feel better by washing it down with a diet cola," [said Steve Garton of polling body Synovate, who produced the survey jointly with the BBC.]

In terms of fast food, 45 percent of Britons agreed with the statement "I like the taste of fast food too much to give it up" ahead of 44 percent for Americans and Canadians at 37 percent.

I am so disappointed in us as Americans. Did they poll high school and grade school students in this country? How about people who attend sporting events? I know that we can do better than 45 percent. Now, looking in the mirror, I admit I enjoy fast food every once in a while. And, I also admit that part of my New Year's "thing" is to try to cut back a little bit. So, I'm part of Fast Food Nation - but, I don't wanna be....