Less trans fat dunkin donuts

For some reason, those words should not be used close together. However, according to the Associated Press, this company will announce today that they will be eliminating most trans fat from their menu.

Now, I totally understand why this is happening. There is a lot of business and social pressure out there to do this. A lot of their competitors out there have already done this, or will be doing this. But.....

Is there nothing else sacred than a trans fat dunkin donut? Sure, the taste will be pretty much the same. Sure, there is an obesity problem in this country and in some places around the world. But, c'mon! And, forget going to krispy creme....

Dunkin' is ahead of Krispy Kreme Doughnuts Inc., which has yet to roll out a zero gram trans fat doughnut but hopes to do so. Brian Little, a spokesman for the North Carolina-based chain, said, "We continue to work aggressively with outside supply partners, and our goal is to get to zero trans fatty acids while maintaining great Krispy Kreme taste."
Oh well. What am I going to do now? Maybe I'll try to unlock my iPhone - that sounds like fun. Sorry I was away so long away from my blog. I'll try harder to be here this week.