Revisited: Blogging Personna

About a week ago, I wrote a post about the thoughts I had about how a blog reveals the type of person that you are. I very much appreciated everyone's comments on this. Today, A Mom Who Thinks Too Much wrote a post called, "Is This Blog, Me?" I usually place my comments in the 'comment section.' But, her post brought out an assortment of thoughts that would probably be better expressed in a conversational full post.

Some bloggers, like some "people," are simply more steady in the face they present to different people (these are the people who say "my blog is pretty much me"); others are more chameleon, showing a different face to different people. There's nothing wrong with either way. Personally, my blog is in many ways the core me---but it isn't the full me. Sometimes when I write an edgier post, that departs from my normal "sweet, but cerebral" self, I feel I am taking a risk.
At least for me, blogging is kind of like a window into the soul. What the heck do I mean by that? When we're with certain people, or in certain situations, we can (and do) reveal what we want to reveal about ourselves and our personality. I can be upbeat or more subdued when I'm with certain people or in certain situations. Writing posts are the same thing. But, when it comes to your core self, I believe that blogging, as in real life, there are certain qualities that you cannot hide.
But even our cores have more than one side. My friends would add "wicked" (and "funny"), my mother would add "stubborn---but sweet," my husband would agree with the "stubborn" part but would protest vehemently that I am not as sweet as I appear. (He is my spouse after all.) Casual friends would be surprised to find me as talkative and opinionated (even cutting) here than I am in their company. (Though it depends on the person. Some people "see" us better. Why is that?)
I believe that with certain people whom you "just click" with. There are some whom I immediately feel a connection with (granted this is a very small number). But, I definitely understand that some people just "see" us better. Here's a final comment that I will respond to:
I know some bloggers, when they feel a need to depart from their usual "face," or when they are moving into a different phase of their life, will start a new blog entirely. Often it is still even linked to their profile. (Naturally, we don't see easily those that aren't.) "This blog isn't me anymore. I've now moved to ...." It's interesting. I see that and I know exactly what they mean.
I'm so glad that you brought this up. I contemplated for a long time whether to close up this blog and start over - start over with a new blog name and a new blogger name - as a kind of transition to myself. Obviously, I elected not to to that.

Even if you change your clothes, or hair color, or where you live, or whatever external changes you want to make to yourself - or, even if you change your blog color, blog address, or whatever appearance changes to your blog - the essence of your blog comes from within. Your true blog readers and your true non-blog friends will accept you for who you are.

Thanks AWMTTM for your insightful post and your thoughtful response. I feel I'm more of a chameleon type like you...